Week 8 Log

Week 8: Production part 2

For this week, our goal was to improved what we had and try to make the game actually fun to play. Our programmers first worked on fixing some bugs. As we finally put the player mesh into the game, they ran into a problem in which the player didn't spawn anymore (somehow, the player's health was set to zero and they had to reprogram the stat for this mesh). They also fixed the bug in which the ultimate attack of the boss didn't kill the player instantly.

They also worked on the day and night cycle -one of our main mechanic- in which the boss would attack during the day but becomes invulnerable at night as he sends minions to do his job. The day and night difference is still not visually implemented but our artists are working on it.

They worked further on those minions spawning at night, adding health and damages. They're currently working also on stat upgrades the minions would drop when they get killed (so that the player can get more health, more resistance or a more damaging attack).

Finally they also made sure the arena itself has a collision mesh so that the player wouldn't be able to get out of it.

As to make the game fun as it is now, we figured out we had to make the boss attack faster and implement a very basic spell attack that he would use all the time. The basic attack is implemented, though it needs a bit more work. Our artists are currently also working on this basic attack, making a cool looking particle for it. Still a work in progress.

We also figured out that the player's attacks need to be rework. For the moment we made sure the player would be able to go ham and have fun with the basic attack (as it was way too slow before and not responsive enough). We're currently discussing a combo attack and a high range attack.

As for the visual part, our artists are working on make more effects and texturing the main player. One of the minion spawning at night was modified to fit the game style and here's his final look:

(now his hat looks cooler and more "gladiator-ish" and the texture is actually nice and not messy anymore)

The boss also finally has a weapon!!

(We made sure it would still look like Hades bident with a twist)

Finally, one of our artists is working on the lighting on the scene. 

Our goal for next week is to make our game even more fun by either tweaking what we have or adding some mechanics. We'll make sure to add more effects for the attacks, work further on lighting and the day/night changes and finally, add some more assets.


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Apr 08, 2018
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Apr 16, 2018

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