Week 6 Log: Production

Second week of production

Onto the second week of production, a rough week for both programmers and artists. 

Some Programming progress: 

Programmers started working on the attack system for both the players and the big boss. Trying to implement particles for the boss attack was the main goal for this week. What a challenge it was! It turned out to be more complicated and time consuming than expected. Just scaling and rotating the particles during the boss attack was already unexpectedly hard. So far, particles are showing during the attack but it's still not perfect and our programmers are still working on that. Here's the ugliest screenshot ever to show our progress on that matter so far:


For the player itself, particles are not implemented. Programmers focused more on implementing a simple attack system so that the game as it is is playable and has a purpose for this week's build.

And a bit of art progress:

It seems this week our artists had more troubles working on the project itself and didn't make as much progress as we hoped for.  Still, as said last week, the final designs for the player and the boss have been chosen and here they are:

 ← Here is the player design 

↓ And here is the final boss design

Artists are now working on the models of those characters. They were unfortunately unable to finish them but will make sure they are by next week.

They also work on creating some textures. As mentioned last week, we're going to use a fairly simple texturing and unwrapping method that would involve one texture map for all the assets. We're gonna use coloured gradient to create simple but cool effects and visuals. Here is our progress on the texture map:

Apart from that, artists are still working on making some props for the environment and the rigging and skinning of our first character (one of the minion) which is more challenging than expected.

Next week goals:

• Have finished player character and boss

• Have some few modelled and texture props for the arena

• Finish the attack system (?)

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