Week 7 Log: End of Production part 1

Week 7: End of production part 1

Programming progress

The programmers worked on the attack systems for both the boss and the player. The boss got 2 new attacks: A large AOE attack, that consists out of particles being emitted from the boss and exploding on contact with the players. And a massive damage attack, where the boss throws his head into the air and onto one of the players. On impact this attack also does damage to the surrounding players.

The players have gotten a particle for their melee attack, which goes in 3 different directions depending on the attack combo timing. The players also got a new attack, which is ranged. They charge up a spell above their heads, the longer it charges, the stronger it gets. You can launch it in any direction and when launched it will bounce a few times on the ground and then explode. It also explodes on enemy contact.

There is now also a working camera that follows all players and zooms in and out when necessary.

Art progress

This week artists worked on the main characters (the player character and the boss) along with the arena. As expected, the arena was fairly easy to make as we used simple shapes for all meshes. Texturing went even faster than we imagined using the gradient textures technique.  It still need to be a bit tweaked to make it look perfect. The boss character took longer to make as the shapes were more difficult. The design had to be simplified during the process. Texturing went pretty fast too as the gradient texture technique was also used. We then put the boss in the arena to see how it would look and here is the result:

The player character is still a work in progress as it turned out to be more complicated to make than expected. It should be done by next week but in the meanwhile, here is the progress on the mesh:


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Mar 26, 2018

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