week 4 log

week 04

more questions:

- is the core mechanic fun to play?

yes it is, we tried out telegraph based boss combat in the latest build. It is fun to dodge the attacks with the dash ability, this makes the combat feel more fast paced. We are now also running away from minions that run towords the closest player, this needs some more work but the basics are there.

- is implementing aditional abilities hard to do/ is having more classes realistic

As every ability/class needs to be balanced, it is unrealistic that every class will have a wide variety of abilities to use. We can however have 4 (or less) basic classes with a very limited unique toolset (maybe as few as 2 abilities).

We chose to go with unity as our programmers were able to do more in a shorter time-frame. The only big difference for the artists is the particles and the materials. Our materials wont be too complicated however and we have already experimented with the particles in unity and made some. 

During this prototyping session we ran into some problems, implementing the day and night cycle will be a bit harder than expected, the gameplay is nice already but lacks complexity. we also stumbeled into some errors: 

-When using the 1st ability to kill a minion, all the other minions froze and stopped following the players. Eventually we were able to solve this problem and it now works correctly.

-The camera needs a bit more work: there are still some positions in which the players are not visible, that is something we need to fix by the next version of our prototype.

to do for next iteration of the prototype:

-fix camera

-add day/night cycle

-add more boss abilities

-add cover to hide behind which will block some of the boss's abilities

-implement classes


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Mar 05, 2018

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