Week 5 log

During week 4 the programmers made sure to iron out some bugs in the prototype and started on implementing the boss's attacks.

We started making a system for managing all the boss's attacks. We did so using a state machine.

This system is based on random numbers. As Unity doesn't have random nr generation automatically as you
would have in C#, we struggled a bit at first finding this out. But when we found we had to use the System
random generator and it all worked out.
Now we have a boss with an attack system, but with no attacks implemented just yet.

In terms of art assets we made the second minion, it is curently a particle system but can quickly be converted to a seperate mesh object with a particle effect attached to it if it causes problems implementing it in the scene.  (the bodies mesh is a particle system because it was easy to animate the floating movement that way, no rigging needed)

second minion

We also decided on what the arena will look like (we will follow the blockout we made in unreal) and what elements in it will contribute to gameplay. There will be pillars, vases, chunks of walls etc... to hide behond and evade the boss's attacks, for this we made a list of assets we would like to make and add to the arena. 

For texturing we decided we are going to try to follow  a tutorial shown to us during an other course (level editing2) which does not require proper unwraps and will (hopefully) make our lives easier.

In terms of characters, the final designs of the gladiator and Hades have been created. We felt our previous results were too complicated to make in 3d in the time we have to finish this project. We simplified and combined our previous sketches and are now happy with the results. Next week we will start making them in 3d and rigging/animating/texturing them.

To do next week:

- implement all the attacks for the boss

- implement powerups that the minions give when killed

-start on hades and gladiator meshes

-make environment props for the arena and start on the arena


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